pdf_gross.gifBootcamp - Um & Abis Signaling Analysis and
Radio Optimization

backtotop.gifAt the end of the Bootcamp you will:

  • An increase in your job efficiency
  • The ability to trouble shoot air interface problems
  • Expertise of your trace equipment
  • The ability to analyze Abis and Um measurements
  • Expertise in the cause of various call drop scenarios
  • The ability to distinguish DTX and non-DTX
  • The ability to improve power control performance
  • The ability to evaluate CCCH utilization for LA planning
  • Expertise in the key parameter for radio optimization
  • The ability to master drive-test problems in TEMS
  • The ability to analyze K12xx Abis log-files

backtotop.gifKey Topics

  • Call Trace on Abis interface
  • Meaning of System Information Broadcast
  • Filtering call drops and other important events
  • Root cause of Connection Failure and Error Indication
  • 480msec SACCH Signaling
  • Layer 1 information on Um and Abis
  • RXQUAL and RXLEV in combination with DTX
  • Handover signaling and failure
  • Radio performance optimization of Power Control, HO and Call Setup
  • Paging and Location Area planning

backtotop.gifWho should attend:

  • GSM Field Technicians and Engineers
  • Radio Optimization personnel


This course requires participants to have a good knowledge of the GSM/GPRS network as well an electronic’s or computer background


  • Notebooks with pre-installed protocol tracer
  • Instructor led lecturing with real life trace analysis
  • Practical hands-on exercises with solutions

backtotop.gifCourse Contents:

Subject Practice

MS idle Mode behavior

  • System Info Parameters and Periodicity
  • The Cell Selection C1 Criteria
  • Cell Reselection Behavior – C2

Insight TEMS

  • Call Setup Analysis: RACH until ALERT
  • Handover Functionality
  • RXLEV &. RXQUAL Combined with DTX
  • Power Control Functionality in UL and DL
  • SACCH Info and Measurement Report

Typical Failure Cases logged

  • Radio Link Timeout
  • Blocked Call
  • Ping Pong Handover
  • Bad Speech Quality
  • Dragging Handover
  • Intra Cell & Inter Cell Quality HO Problems

Abis Messages and Reports

  • Uplink and Downlink DTX with Power Control
  • Drops: Connection Failure and Error Indication
  • Details of Abis Measurement Report
  • Call Setup Investigation and the Parameters behind

Radio Performance Optimization

  • Parameter Tuning for Improved Call Setup, Handover and Power Control Performance
  • Location Area and Paging Capacity Planning

Cell Reselection Check
System Info Reading

TEMS Setup –Important Windows and Configs

Examine Radio Resource, Call Control and Mobility Management Messages

Layer 1 Information TA & MS Power Control

Impact of DTX on Measurement Reporting

Handover Parameter Settings and Their Impact

Root Cause Determination:

  • Ping Pong HO
  • Dragging HO
  • Drop Call

Power Control Performance Evaluation Based on Abis Measurement Reports

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  • 3 days


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