pdf_gross.gifDIAMETER in 3 Hours

Webinar Description

  • This webinar provides a fast track to the concepts and technology of the DIAMETER protocol as successor of RADIUS.
  • The webinar starts out with a top-level view at the various use cases of DIAMETER with focus on 3GPP-specific applications.
  • Another focus of this chapter is the comparison between DIAMETER and RADIUS.
  • In the following chapter the webinar provides some inside into the protocol architecture and the format of frames and AVP's. This chapter concludes with the presentation of important messages (commands) that DIAMETER uses.
  • The webinar concludes with the presentation of selected scenarios which illustrate the operation of DIAMETER and the interworking with other protocols.

backtotop.gifSome of your questions that will be answered

  • What is DIAMETER and how does it differ from other AAA-protocols, namely from RADIUS?
  • How does DIAMETER operate within different environments like the IMS or the SAE?
  • In which way does DIAMETER support private extensions e.g. through 3GPP or through individual enterprises?
  • What is the structure of a DIAMETER-message?
  • Does DIAMETER require the use of SCTP as transport protocol or is TCP or even UDP sufficient?

backtotop.gifWebinar Duration

  • app. 3 hours (2 x 1.5 hour + 1 break)

backtotop.gifParticipation Fee

  • 498.- €

backtotop.gifDetailed ToC

Part 1: Assessment & Top Level View

  • Introduction
  • Applications of DIAMETER
    • Remote Access AAA, IMS-related Applications, Use of DIAMETER within the SAE)
  • Comparison RADIUS vs. DIAMETER
  • Concept of AVP's

Part 2: Protocol & System Architecture

  • Network Access to the EPC in case of 3GPP-Access Networks
  • AAA System Achitecture
  • DIAMETER Protocol Architecture
    • DBP, Extensions (NASREQ, MIP, Security, private extensions examples)
  • Packet Format
  • Important Command Types

Part 3: Selected Procedures & Scenarios

  • Transport Connection Setup and Capabilities Exchange
    • CER / CEA
  • User Authorization within the IMS-Environment
    • UAR / UAA
  • Attachment through E-UTRAN
    • AIR / AIA, ULR / ULA
  • Presentation of some DIAMETER messages with WIRESHARK




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