pdf_gross.gifIMT Advanced in 90 Minutes

Webinar Description

  • This webinar aims to give a fast overview in the area of IMT Advanced and LTE Advanced unfolding right now.
  • The first chapter kick starts the webinar with a discussion how the Term 4G has been used in the past and introducing the necessity to have an official definition what 4G is.
  • This leads directly to IMT Advanced which is discussed in the next chapter. It is shown how the expected future trends will determine the IMT advanced requirements.
  • The next chapter breaks down the IMT advanced requirements to LTE advanced requirements. In this section big emphasis is put on explaining the basic concepts of the currently discussed features.
  • After an in through introduction of LTE advanced it is time to put a spotlight on the other technologies aiming into the IMT advanced process. An overview is the goal here.
  • The final chapter is devoted to the criteria usually taken into account to come to a decision in a company when, where, what IMT Advanced technology is pursued.

backtotop.gifSome of your questions that will be answered

  • How is the term 4G used right now and why it needs to be defined in future?
  • What are the key trends IMT Advanced has to take care of?
  • How do the IMT Advanced requirements relate to these trends?
  • What are the candidates for IMT Advanced and what is the time schedule to standardize them?
  • How do IMT Advanced requirements translate into LTE Advanced requirements?
  • What LTE advanced features are discussed currently
  • What are the limits of these features?
  • What other candidates for IMT advanced are there what are their main features?
  • What are the criteria for companies being involved in mobile radio technology for choosing a 4G technology to pursue?

backtotop.gifWebinar Duration

  • app. 1.5 hours

backtotop.gifParticipation Fee

  • 298.- €

backtotop.gifDetailed ToC

Part 1: What is 4G?

  • 4G as a Marketing Term and a Matter of Strategy
  • Why IMT Advanced is needed?

Part 2: IMT Advanced

  • Future Demand for Mobile Radio
  • IMT Advanced Requirements
  • Overview of IMT Advanced Family Member Candidate Technologies
  • IMT Advanced Time Table

Part 3: LTE Advanced

  • Requirements
  • Features and their Limits

Part 4: Other Candidates for the IMT Advanced Family

  • WiMAX 2.0
  • UMB
  • 802.20
  • Relative: IEEE 802.11n

Part 5: Decision Criteria

  • Legacy Systems
  • Technology
  • Applications
  • Market size
  • Marketing




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