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Webinar Description

  • This webinar provides a fast track to the concepts and technology of the SAE discussions within 3GPP and their current state.
  • The webinar starts out with a top-level view at the potential requirements of an SAE and lists the shortcomings of the existing core network architectures. This part concludes with the interactive discussion of all not yet addressed issues of the core network architecture.
  • In the following parts the webinar unfolds the envisaged architecture of the evolved packet core and its interworking with all kinds of access network types, 3GPP-based, 3GPP2-based and IEEE-based.
  • The webinar concludes with the presentation of typical use cases like attachment and voice call setup

backtotop.gifSome of your questions that will be answered

  • Why is there a system architecture revolution necessary in the first place?
  • Which improvements does SAE yield?
  • Which issues have not yet been addressed by the ongoing SAE discussions?
  • How does network access and attachment to the core network work for the different access network types?
  • How does seamless mobility work between different access network types?
  • How does the network control and provide QoS?
  • How does voice call establishment work through the evolved packet core

backtotop.gifWebinar Duration

  • app. 3 hours (2 x 1.5 hour + 1 break)

backtotop.gifParticipation Fee

  • 498.- €

backtotop.gifDetailed ToC

Part 1: Assessment & Top Level View of the SAE

  • Why is an Architecture Evolution necessary?
  • Important Requirements on SAE according to 3GPP
  • Mobility Options and Considerations
  • Architecture Overview

Part 2: Operation within the SAE

  • Network Access to the EPC in case of 3GPP-Access Networks
  • Network Access in case of Non-3GPP Access Networks
  • Voice Call Establishment
  • Macro Mobility / Inter-RAT Roaming

Part 3: Architectural Details of the EPS

  • Network Layout and Important Identifiers
  • Network Elements and their Functions within the EPC
  • The Protocol Suite of the EPC




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