Evolved EDGE & GERAN Evolution

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ebookcov_geran_evolution.jpgThis eBook addresses the needs of design and test engineers both at vendors and operators to understand in detail the contents and implications of the next phases of GERAN, usually referred to as "Evolved EDGE" or GERAN-evolution. In that respect, the eBook starts with an assessment as to where GSM and GERAN stand today compared to 1991.
The eBook continues with the detailed description and analysis of the various proposed changes which are commonly referred to as EDGE phase 2, evolved EDGE or as GERAN-evolution. This chapter includes but is not limited to the description of techniques like downlink and uplink multicarrier, HOMTC, MORE, HUGE, RED HOT and LATRED. Each description is accompanied by a detailed analysis of the related pros and cons and implementation implications.
The focus of the following chapters is the detailed description as to how features like downlink multicarrier, flexible timeslot assignment, HUGE, RED HOT (EGPRS2) and RL-TBF have been integrated into the release 7 series of specifications.

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