Evolved EDGE & GERAN Evolution

Some of your questions that will be answered by this book:


  • What is the motivation of GERAN-evolution and who steers it?
  • How does GERAN differ from the envisaged 4G-mobile networks and can it be evolved to offer similar services?
  • How do technology improvements like HOMTC, multi carrier, higher symbol rates, RTTI or VSRB operate?
  • What are the differences between 16-QAM- and 16-APK-modulation?
  • Which new slot and burst formats have been investigated?
  • How many RF-carriers are supported in uplink and downlink direction with GERAN-Evolution?
  • What is "Flexible Timeslot Assignment"?
  • Which performance improvements are achieved through multicarrier operation?
  • Which performance improvements do HUGE and RED HOT offer?
  • How do HUGE and RED HOT cope with the presented liabilities of higher order modulation schemes?
  • What is bit swapping and how is it used in HUGE and RED HOT?
  • Which new burst formats and which new coding schemes (DAS, UAS, DBS and UBS) have been defined for HUGE and RED HOT?
  • Which options for latency reduction have been incorporated into Release 7 for the so called RL-TBF operation?
  • How can mobile stations operating in BTTI-mode be multiplexed with mobile stations operating in RTTI-mode?
  • How does a mobile station receive USF-allocations during RL-TBF operation?
  • How is a PAN-Field transmitted?
  • What is MCS-0 and why was it introduced?
  • What is RLC non-persistent-mode of operation and how does it operate?

Who should acquire this book?

  • Design and test engineers who shall be on track with the current state of technology.
  • Managers who needs to understand the details and implications of GERAN evolution.

Product Details:

  • Paperback
  • 260 Pages
  • over 125 Illustrations and Tables
  • ISBN 978-3-936273-55-7
  • Price Paperback: Euro 299.- (net)

  • Price eBook: Euro 249.- (net)

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