Cutting Edge Technologies 2008/2009

About this eBook

ebookcov_cet_08_09.jpgThis eBook addresses the needs of technical staff as well as account managers, consultants, technical sales staff, product- and project managers who need to get familiar with advanced developments in the field of wireline and wireless communication technologies.

The eBook is an annual update with the focus on business, service and technical perspective of selected new technologies on the radar screen of design teams or close to implementation.

This latest version covers technological evolutions in the areas of 3GSM networks, WiMAX- and WLAN-networks, fixed telecom networks and in the applications domain.

Opposed to previous releases, this course emphasizes and highlights business related threats and chances of technical developments and technologies.

Very interesting: the eBook discusses the changing value chain in telecommunication and it highlights potential applications of tomorrow.

The eBook also highlights the latest developments in the area of NGN's and MNGN's, with special focus on the IMS.

Product Details:

  • eBook
  • Windows Help-File (*chm)
  • fully coloured Illustrations and Tables
  • excellent search function
  • ISBN 978-3-936273-57-1
  • Price: 129.- €

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