pdf_gross.gifBootcamp - Mastering the UTRAN and Uu Interface

backtotop.gifAt the end of the Bootcamp you will:

  • An increase in your job efficiency
  • The ability to trouble shoot UTRAN drops
  • Expertise in your measurement equipment
  • The ability to analyze protocol traces
  • Knowledge on the root cause of abnormal releases
  • Understanding of interworking problems on Iub and Iu/Iur
  • The ability to identify Pilot Pollution situations
  • The ability to resolve badly covered or interfered areas
  • Expert knowledge about Missing Neighbor severity

backtotop.gifKey Topics

  • Call Trace on Iub by using CRNC- & NodeB Comm. Context Ids + Binding Id & SUGR + VPI/VCI&CID
  • Drop Call Filtering upon Iu Release Request
  • SCCP Signaling allowing call tracing based on Local Reference Numbers
  • RANAP protocol with SAI and Initial UE Message
  • RNSAP on Iur for Macro Diversity
  • Soft handover events 1a, 1b, 1c
  • Hard handover event 2d -> 3a
  • RRC and Iub & Iu User Plane Call Tracing
  • Idle Mode Behavior of UE

backtotop.gifWho should attend:

  • UTRAN Field Technicians and Engineers
  • Optimization personnel


This course requires participants to have a good knowledge of the GSM/GPRS and UMTS network as well an electronic’s or computer background.


  • Notebooks with pre-installed protocol tracer
  • Instructor led lecturing with real life trace analysis
  • Practical hands-on exercises with solutions

backtotop.gifCourse Contents:

Subject Practice

The idle Mode of the UE

  • Measurement Parameters
  • The Cell Selection Criterion for UTRA FDD
  • Cell Reselection Behavior
  • Inter RAT Cell Reselection

TEMS Overview

  • Introduction to WCDMA Drive Testing
  • Soft Handover in TEMS
  • SHO Parameter Setup

Typical Failure Cases logged with TEMS

  • Dropped Call
  • Blocked Call
  • Missing Neighbor
  • No Dominant Pilot situation
  • PS Throughput Dips
  • Sudden Change to Idle Mode

Call Trace Details - MTC example

  • RRC Connection Establishment: DCCH VPI+CID
  • NAS Messaging between UE and CORE
  • User Plane Establishment: DTCH VPI+CID
  • RRC Connection (Abnormal) Release
  • RRC Signaling Bearers on DCCH
  • NBAP Signaling Based on Comm. Context Ids
  • Iu RANAP and SCCP Signaling

PN Scanner Configuration
Standard Setup in TEMS

TEMS Log File Debugging

Drop Analysis
Pilot Pollution Investigation
Ec/No Quality and SHO
E1a, E1b and E1c Parameter

CS and PS Call Flow Investigation

Examination of Layer 3 NAS Messaging

K1297 Setup and Config

Permanent UE Id Tracing

Mapping of NBAP Binding Id and ALCAP SUGR

Call Tracing on Iub & Iu
User and Control Plane AAL2 VPI/VCI+CID

Filter for IuReleaseRequest

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