LTE - Signaling & Protocol Analysis

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LTE - Signaling & Protocol Analysis This eBook is a must for everybody who requires a detailed understanding of the protocols and signaling procedures within E-UTRAN and the EPC. In that respect the clear focus of this course is on the protocols of the UE and the E-UTRAN.
The eBook starts with a review of the LTE physical layer and the concepts and protocol stacks of E-UTRAN.
This part concludes with the review of the EPS network architecture.
Immediately afterwards we jump into real-life call flows and scenarios and confront the student with the look & feel of the LTE protocol suite. This part ends with an assessment of what will be the focus of the following chapters.
The next chapters are dedicated to the different protocols EMM, ESM, MAC, RLC, RRC, S1-AP, X2-AP, SGs-AP and S101-AP.
The eBook concludes with the presentation and analysis of LTE signaling flows and real-life call flows.

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  • ISBN 978-3-936273-61-8
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