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WBT Description

  • This Web Based Training addresses the needs of engineers who need to get familiar with advanced developments in the field of HSPA+/eHSPA.
  • In the beginning of the Web Based Training HSDPA and HSUPA are compared to HSPA+.
  • The Web Based Training continues with the elaboration of background and implementation of important release 7 key technologies like MIMO, higher order modulation schemes (4-PAM, 16-QAM, and 64-QAM), Continuous Packet Connectivity (CPC), layer 2 improvements, and RRC state operation enhancements.
  • The next part looks into release 8 HSPA+ and works on features like 64-QAM together with MIMO and DL IC.
  • The final chapter is dedicated to selected important scenarios of HSPA+ RRC state operation enhancements.
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backtotop.gifSome of your questions that will be answered

  • What are the differences in-between HSPA and HSPA+?
  • How do higher level modulation schemes impact the mobile radio network’s performance?
  • What is MIMO and what makes it that important for tomorrow’s mobile radio standards?
  • How MIMO is introduced in HSPA+ and what needs to be changed in terms of signaling and protocols?
  • What is Continuous Packet Connectivity and what needs to be done in order to efficiently implement it in HSPA+?
  • How does the new generation of L1 signaling look like in HSPA+?
  • How do MAC, RLC, and RCC protocols change for HSPA+?
  • When and how MIMO can be combined with 64-QAM?
  • How can DL interference cancellation be implemented in the UE?
  • What other advanced receiver technologies are standardized for HSPA?

backtotop.gifWBT Duration

  • app. 2 hours

backtotop.gifDetailed ToC

Part 1: Introduction to HSPA+

  • HSPA+ in the HSPA Roadmap
  • Feature Review of HSDPA
  • Feature Review of HSUPA
  • HSDPA+ UE Categories
  • Optional and Mandatory Features in Rel. 7
  • HSPA+ Protocol Stack

Part 2: HSPA+ in Release 7

  • Higher Order Modulation Schemes
  • MIMO
  • Continuous Packet Connectivity (CPC)
  • Upgraded L1 Signaling
  • MAC-ehs Entity
  • Flexible RLC PDU Sizes
  • RRC State Operation Enhancements

Part 3: HSPA+ enhancements in Release 8

  • Overview of HSPA+ Related Work Items in R8
  • MIMO combined with 64-QAM
  • Dual Branch Interference Cancellation

Part 4: RRC State Operation Enhancements Scenarios

  • Operation in the CELL_FACH state
  • Operation in the CELL_FACH state – Cell Update
  • RRC Idle to transient CELL_FACH
  • Operation in the URA_PCH or CELL_PCH state

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