pdf_gross.gifFrom LTE to LTE-Advanced

[1-day course, Euro 1,500.- (net) per participant]


Course Description
  • From 2G to 4G, from GSM to LTE-Advanced
  • Standardization Status: Release 8, 9, 10 and beyond
  • Network Architecture of LTE: EPS, EPC and the SAE
  • UE-Categories with LTE
  • Principles of MME-Pools and Tracking Areas
  • Relationship between LTE and WiMAX
  • Implementation Status of LTE in Europe and North America

backtotop.gifTechnology of LTE

  • Key Technologies behind LTE: OFDMA, SC-FDMA and MIMO
  • Combined Use of OFDMA and CDMA in LTE
  • Channel Structure and Channel Types of LTE
  • Resource Allocation in Uplink and Downlink Direction
  • Protocol Architecture of LTE

backtotop.gif Operation & Applications of LTE

  • Non Access Stratum Operation: Mobility Management and Session Management
  • Security and Quality of Service in LTE
  • Bearer Setup Procedure through the EPS
  • Lower Layer Procedures: Cell Search, Cell Reselection and Handover
  • How to provide Voice Services over LTE
  • Interworking with other Technologies: GERAN/UTRAN, WiFi/WiMAX, cdma2000

backtotop.gifChanges & Enhancements with LTE-Advanced

  • Targets of LTE-Advanced (Throughput, Spectral Efficiency ...)
  • Relationship between LTE and LTE-Advanced
  • Carrier Aggregation (Intra- and Inter-Band)
  • Coordinated Multipoint Transmission (CoMP)
  • Use of Relay Nodes
  • Other Enhancements with LTE-Advanced
  • Possibly lacking Enhancements with LTE-Advanced




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