LTE Advanced - Rel. 12 & Rel. 13 specific Enhancements

Some of your questions that will be answered by this book:


  • Which CA-related enhancements are part of Rel 12 and Rel 13?
  • What are the implications of combined FDD/TDD carrier aggregation?
  • Why is there currently no carrier aggregation FDD/TDD for the uplink?
  • What are the differences and implications of dual connectivity vs plain carrier aggregation?
  • What are the differences among the different options to combine LTE and WiFi? Are there any performance related differences?
  • How do LAA, LWA and LTE-U operate?
  • How does D2D communication work? How do sidelink channels operate? What are the different options for commercial and public safety services?
  • What is eDRX and how does it operate? Which battery lifetimes are enabled by it?
  • What is the radio interface structure of the NB-IOT and how does it differ from preceding IoT- and MTC-implementations of 3GPP-networks?

Product Details:

  • Paperback / eBook
  • 371 Pages
  • over 160 Illustrations and Tables
  • Price Paperback: Euro 299.- (net)

  • Price eBook: Euro 249.- (net)

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