pdf_gross.gifLTE Advanced - Rel. 12 & Rel. 13 specific Enhancements

[2-day course, Euro 2,350.- (net) per participant]

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  • Course DescriptionThis course addresses the needs of technical engineering staff who work on the design, test, integration and validation of LTE-Advanced equipment esp. on the UE-side.
  • The course has been designed to meet specifically the requirements of chipset verification, integration and testing.
  • The course starts out with a description of the most important trends and visions, in the year 2016, namely the upcoming IoT, the increasing level of network virtualization, the migration towards 5G, the engagement between LTE and WiFi through different options like LTE-U, LAA or LWA and, last but not least, the ever increasing level of scope of carrier aggregation.
  • Following this chapter, the course reviews the most relevant details of LTE from Rel. 8 up to Rel 11. Note that our trainer will tailor the level of detail and the time spent on this chapter depending on the existing knowledge of the course participants.
  • The following two chapters are dedicated to a detailed description of the updates to LTE-A with Rel 12 and Rel 13. In these chapters, we cover the different levels of carrier aggregation enhancements with Rel 12 and 13, e.g. UL-CA, combined FDD/TDD-CA and the related constraints and practical implementation challenges.
  • In this part of the course we also introduce dual connectivity and its specifics for the UE and for the network side as a new way to do intersite carrier aggregation.
  • With Rel. 12, there is an exciting new market for 3GPP which is public safety, covered by the ProSe-, D2D- and sidelink- related parts of the specifications. We deal with this fascinating new technology and some of its specifics in this part of the course.
  • Following a detailed analysis of various other enhancements like using 256-QAM modulation, the focus of the course changes to MTC and the IoT. We depict, which approach is taken by 3GPP to suit the needs of the IoT in a 3GPP-environment and point to alternative approaches like SigFox and Lora. The most important topics with respect to 3GPP, dealt with in detail are eDRX, PSM, SIM-less operation and the architecture and radio interface of the NB-IOT.
  • Last but not least, the course focus is on LTE-U, LAA and LWA and depicts the pros and cons as well as the specifics of these three different approaches to combine LTE-A and WiFi.

Some of your questions that will be answered

  • Which CA-related enhancements are part of Rel 12 and Rel 13?
  • What are the implications of combined FDD/TDD carrier aggregation?
  • Why is there currently no carrier aggregation FDD/TDD for the uplink?
  • What are the differences and implications of dual connectivity vs plain carrier aggregation?
  • What are the differences among the different options to combine LTE and WiFi? Are there any performance related differences?
  • How do LAA, LWA and LTE-U operate?
  • How does D2D communication work? How do sidelink channels operate? What are the different options for commercial and public safety services?
  • What is eDRX and how does it operate? Which battery lifetimes are enabled by it?
  • What is the radio interface structure of the NB-IOT and how does it differ from preceding IoT- and MTC-implementations of 3GPP-networks?

backtotop.gifWho should attend this class?

  • Design engineers who need to understand Voice over LTE protocols, features and interfaces.
  • Anyone who need to understand the VoLTE terminology, features, interfaces and the applicability in future 3GPP networks.


  • The student should possess detailed knowledge about LTE in Rel 8, 9 and 10, in particular about the physical layer.
  • We recommend to book our courses on LTE Rel 8/9 and LTE-A Rel 10/11 beforehand.

backtotop.gifTraining Course Target

  • The student is enabled to design, integrate, test and validate LTE-Advanced equipment with focus on 3GPP Release 11, 12 and 13.

backtotop.gifTraining Course Duration

  • 2 days




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