pdf_gross.gifLTE Advanced - Rel. 12 & Rel. 13 specific Enhancements

[2-day course, Euro 2,350.- (net) per participant]

Course Description

Chapter 1: Important Trends and Developments (1 hour)

  • The Hunger for Data Volume and the Consequences
  • Evolution of cellular standards until 2020
    GSM/GPRS, cdma1, TD-SCDMA, LTE, ...
  • Evolution of CA from Rel 10 to Rel 13
  • Overview of the IoT and Car-to-X Communication
  • ProSe and D2D Communication
  • WiFi / LTE-A interworking
    Overview of LTE-U, LAA and LWA
  • The Migration towards 5G
    What is visible already today? Requirements and visions on 5G

Chapter 2: LTE and LTE-Advanced up to Rel 11 (2 – 3 hours)

  • LTE at a Glance
    Evolution Path of LTE / LTE Release 8/9 Performance / 4G Requirements / LTE, WiFI and WiMAX Evolution / LTE Advanced Features / Release 10 UE Categories
  • Reviewing the LTE PHY
    FDD and TDD modes / Channels in LTE / Basic HARQ Operation / Random Access Procedures
  • Migration to LTE-Advanced: Features, Motivation and their Use Cases
    Carrier Aggregation in Rel 10 and 11, enhanced MIMO DL and UL, Relay Nodes, CoMP, HetNets, SON/MDT, H(e)NB, eMBMS
  • Timeline and Future Evolution to 5G
    From Rel. 10 to Rel. 14: Tentative schedule and milestones, IMT-2020 (5G): Requirements, timeline, radar screen, view of 3GPP

Chapter 3: Feature List and Description Rel 12 (6 – 8 hours)

  • FDD / TDD joint operation incl. carrier aggregation
  • Carrier Aggregation enhancements
    UL-CA, CA with up to 4 carriers
  • Small Cell Enhancements
    Dual Layer Connectivity, Support of 256 QAM
  • The new EPDCCH
    Motivation, detailed permutation and configuration rules, EREG and ECCE, setup, coding and modulation, assignment
  • NAICS (Network Assisted Interference Cancellation and Suppression)
    Motivation, Differences to Release 10/11, Network Assistance, UE-requirements.
  • ue-Category Changes with Rel 12
    UL/DL split, new UE-category 0
  • D2D / ProSe
    Use Cases, Concepts, principle operation
  • Improvements for WiFi / LTE-A interworking
  • LTE-U
    Technology, LTE-U-forum, liabilities
  • HetNet Mobility Enhancements
  • MTC-Enhancements
    Power consumption optimization
    Signaling overhead reduction
  • Other Enhancements
    Smart congestion mitigation (SCM), eIMTA (TDD only), Inter-eNB CoMP, eMBMS enhancements, DL-MIMO enhancements, MIMO OTA testing

Chapter 4: Feature List and Description Rel 13 (4 – 6 hours)

  • LTE in Unlicensed Spectrum: LAA (Licensed Assisted Access)
    Operation, implications, differences to LTE-U
  • LTE in Unlicensed Spectrum: LWA (LTE + WiFi link aggregation)
    Operation, implications, differences to LTE-U and LAA
  • Additional MTC enhancements
  • 3D-MIMO / Elavation Beamforming
  • Network Virtualization
    Operation and implications
  • NB-IoT (Narrow Band – Internet of Things)
    Ideas and Background, technology and rollout of LPWA (Low Power Wire Area) networks, implications on M2M, timeline
  • Indoor Positioning
  • Interesting Feasibility Studies and Study Items
    Latency reduction, mission critical applications,…