UMTS - Network Optimization & Trouble Shooting

Some of your questions that will be answered by this book:


  • What does network performance in UMTS stand for and how does it compare to GSM- or GPRS-network performance?
  • How can I determine our actual network performance?
  • What is meaning of the parameter “Received-total-wide-band-power” which is conveyed from the NodeB to the RNC during radio link setup?
  • How can I measure and compare the quality (Bit Error Rate / Frame Erasure Rate) per cell, per NodeB or per RNS on the Iub-Interface for both uplink and downlink?
  • How can I distinguish application and user equipment failures which are outside of our scope from real network problems?
  • What is the meaning of the various timers and counters which are broadcast in the System Information Blocks
  • Which system parameters can I tune to optimize the UE’s idle mode behavior? (e.g. S-intrasearch, t-Reselection-S, Qhyst, Qoffset, ...)?
  • How can I nail down performance bottlenecks in the different parts of our network?
  • How can I minimize the interference through the use of diversity transmission methods?
  • How can I optimize the network access procedure for both, minimum delay times and minimum interference.
  • What is the optimum configuration of the different RLC counter and timer values (e.g. Max-DAT, timerPoll, transmissionWindowSize, …) to provide the best possible service for transparent, unacknowledged and acknowledged operation modes.
  • What are the best measurement tools for the Uu-interface and within UTRA?

Who should acquire this book?

  • Network operator staff who are involved in the optimization of UTRA and who need to continuously improve the network performance.
  • System vendors who are involved in second and third level troubleshooting activities

Product Details:

  • Paperback / eBook
  • 381 Pages
  • over 160 Illustrations and Tables
  • ISBN 978-3-936273-11-3
  • Price Paperback: Euro 399.- (net)

  • Price eBook: Euro 299.- (net)

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