pdf_gross.gifWireless Made Simple



  • What is Mobile Radio?
    • The Wireless Channel
      Radio Waves and the Electromagnetic Spectrum (Physical Basics, The Electromagnetic Spectrum)
    • Embedding Information into a Radio Channel
    • Analogy: Using Water Waves to convey Information
    • Mobile Radio vs. Fixed Wireless or WLAN
    • Comparison: Mobile vs. Fixed Wireless
    • Typical WLAN-Operation
  • The Different Players of Mobile Radio
  • History and Future of Mobile Communication

backtotop.gifOperation of Mobile Networks

  • Roaming and the Consequences
    • Handover / Handoff
  • Cellular Networking and the related Architecture
    • Mobile Handset Architecture and Layout
  • Use Case Examples
    • When Somebody calls You on Your Cell Phone …
    • This is how the Web is downloaded…

backtotop.gifRadio Technology Basics

  • Weaknesses of the Radio Channel
    • Attenuation
    • Interference with other Users
    • Interference with myself
    • Eavesdropping
    • Consequences
  • Countermeasures
    • Overview
    • Backward Error Correction
    • Forward Error Correction
  • Multiple Access Technologies
    • Overview and Introduction
    • TDMA and FDMA
    • CDMA

backtotop.gifEvolution and Future of Mobile Radio

  • Reasons for the Ongoing and Rapid Evolution
    • Commercial Reasons
    • Market Driven Reasons
  • Mobile Radio: Comparison between 3G and 4G
    • Performance and Mobility Management related Issues
    • Architecture related Issues
    • Procedure and Radio related Issues
  • Technical Details of the Evolution
    • Protocol Stack Comparison between 3G and 4G
    • Support of various Access Network Technologies