pdf_gross.gifLTE - Signaling & Protocol Analysis
(Vol.1 RAN and UE)

[3-day course, Euro 3,450.- (net) per participant]

backtotop.gifRevisiting important Details of the EPS

Course Description
  • Architecture Overview
    • Evolved Packet Core in Context
      • EPC vs. EPS, Non-3GPP Access Networks (trusted / non-trusted)
    • Zoom into the EPS
      • Functional Overview of Core Network Elements within the EPC)
    • Network Elements and their Functions within the EPC
      • Mobility Management Entity (MME) (Characteristics (Identification), Interfaces & Protocols, Tasks & Functions of the MME), Serving Gateway (S-GW) (Characteristics (Identification), Interfaces & Protocols, Tasks & Functions of the S-GW), PDN Gateway (P-GW or PDN-GW) (Characteristics (Identification), Interfaces & Protocols, Tasks & Functions of the P-GW), enhanced Packet Data Gateway (ePDG) (Characteristics (Identification), Interfaces & Protocols, Tasks & Functions of the ePDG)
  • Protocol Stacks
    • Control Plane / E-UTRAN - EPC
    • User Plane E-UTRAN – EPC (S5/S8 GTP-based)
    • User Plane E-UTRAN – EPC (S5/S8 PMIPv6/GRE-based)
  • Security Architecture
    • Overview & Introduction
      • Essentials, EPS-AKA, Security is performed independently in two protocol layers, Algorithms)
    • Operation of UMTS-AKA
    • Key Derivation Function (KDF)
      • Comprehension Check & Practical Exercise:
        The KDF S(10) for K(ASME) (Input Parameters)

    • EPS-AKA in Operation during Initial Attach Procedure
    • Use of the different Security Algorithms

backtotop.gifThe Non-Access-Stratum: EMM & ESM

  • Important EMM-Procedures
    • Common Procedures, Specific Procedures, Connection Management Procedures)
  • State Machine
    • Relationship between EMM and ECM)
  • Network Operation Modes
  • Message Format
    • Security Header
  • Important EMM-Scenarios
    • Attachment through E-UTRAN / new MME, Comprehension Check & Practical Exercise: Building your own EMM: ATT_REQ-Message, Tracking Area Update (Inter-MME / with new S-GW) (Initial Conditions, Detailed Description), Comprehension Check & Practical Exercise: EMM-Message Decode
  • Important ESM-Procedures
    • MME-initiated, UE-initiated
  • State Machine
  • Message Format
    • Security Header, Procedure Transaction Identity)
  • Dedicated EPS Bearer Establishment
    • Network Initiated (IMS triggered during Call Establishment)  (Initial Conditions, Detailed Description, Detailed Description)

backtotop.gif Radio Resource Control

  • Overview
    • Transmission of broadcast information, Establish and maintain services, QoS control, Transfer of dedicated control information)
  • State Characteristics of RRC
  • Signaling Radio Bearers (SRB)
    • Overview
      • SRB0, SRB1, SRB2
    • Mapping of RRC-Messages to SRB's and to Channels
      • Messages on BCCH (MIB and SIB), Messages on PCCH and DL-CCCH, Messages on DL-DCCH and DL-DTCH, Messages on UL-CCCH, UL-DCCH and UL-DTCH
  • Message Encoding through ASN.1 PER-unaligned
    • Example: The ASN.1-Code of RRC_CONN_REQ ...
    • … and the compiled Message Structure (Tree View)
    • Important Encoding Rules of ASN.1 PER-unaligned
      • Handling of optional IE's, Selection among Options (CHOICE / ENUMERATED), Handling of IE's with variable Length
    • Comprehension Check & Practical Exercise:
      • Encoding an RRC_CONN_REQ-Message
    • System Information Broadcast
      • Overview, Example of an MIB, Example of an SIB1, Example of an SIB2, Example of an SIB3

backtotop.gifLower Layers of the Uu-Interface: MAC, RLC & PDCP

  • Features of MAC
    • Overview
      • Data transfer logical channels ←→ transport channels, Radio resource allocation)
    • MAC Random Access Procedure
      • Contention based random access procedure, Non-contention based random access procedure)
    • Structure of MAC-PDU
      • MAC control element, Normal MAC SDU
    • MAC Control Elements
      • Contention resolution ID, Timing Advance, DRX, Padding, Short, long and truncated buffer status reports
  • Features of RLC
    • Overview
      • Data transfer, Error detection and recovery, Reset)
    • Structure of RLC PDU
    • Structure of RLC AM with PDCP PDU Segments
  • Features of PDCP
    • Overview
      • RoHC, Numbering of PDCP PDU’s, In-sequence delivery of PDU’s, Duplicate deletion, Encryption, Integrity Protection)
    • Structure of PDCP PDU

backtotop.gif X2- and S1-Interfaces: X2AP- and S1-AP-Protocols

  • The X2AP Protocol
    • Protocol Stack on the X2-interface
    • Tasks & Functions
      • Mobility Management, Load Management, X2-Interface Management)
    • X2-based Handover Scenario
      • Initial Conditions, Detailed Description)
  • The S1-AP Protocol
    • Overview & Introduction
    • S1-based Handover Scenario