pdf_gross.gifHow to Manage IPv6 Deployments

backtotop.gifReview of IPv4 and Differences to IPv6

Course Description

  • Ipv4 History and Weaknesses
    • Address Space and its Limits
    • Functionality
    • IP Control Protocols and Complexity
    • IPv4 Routing Overview
  • Overview of the IP Protocol Headers
    • Terminology
    • Protocol Elements inherited from IPv4
    • New IPv6 Protocol Elements, Flow Label and others
    • Detailed IPv6 Header Element Discussion
  • Extension Header Concept in IPv6
    • Type and Order of Extension Headers
    • Routing Headers
    • Fragmentation
    • Option Header, Jumbograms
    • Security Headers
  • Practical Exercise
    • Laptop Configuration for IPv6 under Windows XP and LINUX
    • Determine the structure of an IPv6 Header

backtotop.gifDetails of IPv6 Addressing

  • Address types
    • Unicast, Multicast and Anycast Addresses
    • Address Structures
    • Interfaces and Addresses
  • Details of ICMPv6
    • Diagnostic Messages
    • Echo Messages
    • Multicast Messages
    • Router and Neighbor Messages
    • Redirect Messages
  • Practical Exercise
    • IPv6 Log File Analysis
  • Address Configuration Options
    • DHCPv6 Details
    • Link-Local Address Generation
    • Stateless Address Autoconfiguration
    • Neighbor Discovery with ICMPv6
    • Duplicate Address Detection Mechanism
  • Practical Exercise
    • Generation of an IPv6 Host Address based on MAC Address and Link-Local Address using Modified Extended Unique Identifier Mechanism
  • Name Resolution in IPv6
    • DNS Overview
    • DNS Enhancements for IPv6
    • Compatibility Issues with IPv4

backtotop.gifIPv6 Routing Concepts

  • Address Architecture and Hierarchy
  • Routing Protocol Overview
    • Intra Domain Routing Protocols
    • Inter Domain Routing Protocols
  • Practical exercise
    • Completion of a RIP Routing table example based on a given scenario

backtotop.gifIPv6 Deployment – Obsticals and Solutions

  • IP Network Overview and Problem Description
    • Impact on other Protocol Layers
    • IPv6 Addressing Issues
  • Migration Strategies
    • IPv4 / IPv6 Coexistance
  • Selected Deployment Use Cases
    • Dual Stack host problems
    • DNS / DHCP Issues
    • Migration Issues with supported features at gateways, routers and servers.
  • Practical exercise
    • Introduction of commands to verify IPv6 and DNS configuration, check TCP connections and reachability under IPv6.

backtotop.gifOperation of IPv6

  • Security, VPN Configuration and Operation
    • Threats and Security Attacks regarding IP
    • IPSec configuration with Authentication
    • IPSec configuration with Ciphering
    • Key exchange method overviews
  • Mobile IP in IPv6
    • Mobile IP – Basic Operation Principles
    • Use of Destination Options for Mobile IPv6
    • ICMP Protocol Enhancements
    • Home Agent Solicitation