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Course DescriptionThis training course addresses the needs of everybody who needs to understand the technology and services of the IMS as the heart of an NGN. It starts with an animated presentation of some new services which offering is enabled through the IMS. After this, we present the involvement and role of the different standard bodies like TISPAN or 3GPP. This part concludes with the presentation of the different IMS-layout and design options.
The following chapter is dedicated to the IMS-related protocols and their presentation. Itintroduces the student into protocols like SIP, SDP, DIAMETER or H.248, to name a few important ones. The training course continues with the description of the logical elements within the IMS. This description is not as detailed as in our IMS system engineering training course but provides for a good understanding of the IMS-internals.
The final part of this chapter is dedicated to the illustration of services (again animated) and how they are realized through the IMS (also animated). All kinds of potential IMS-issues like operation in NAT-environments, security threats, QoS-issues are described in the following part.
The training course concludes with the presentation of a real-life implementation of an IMS.

[2-day training course, Euro 1815.- per participant]


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