pdf_gross.gifIMS Essentials

[1-day course, Euro 1,500.- (net) per participant]

backtotop.gifIntroduction to the IMS

Course Description
  • The IMS within the Overall Network Architecture
    • Typical IP-CAN’s
  • Driving Forces behind the NGN-Hype
    • Why should one go for an IMS-based-Solution?
  • IMS-based Services
    • Overview
    • Triple Play and Quadruple Play
      - Initial Situation
      - Triple Play
      - Quadruple Play
      - Macro and Micro Mobility
  • Service Types and Service Enablers
    • Conversational Services
    • Audiovisual Entertainment Services
    • Service Enablers
  • Service Examples
    • See What I See
    • Intelligent Address Book (Presence Service)
  • Realization of Legacy Telephone Services
    • IMS-Originating Voice Call – Technical Realization         
    • IMS-Terminating Voice Call – Technical Realization

backtotop.gifIMS Technology Overview

  • The IMS-Network Architecture
    • Centralized and Split Approach for the IMS Implementation
      - Centralized Framework and Overall Network Architecture
      - Split Framework and Overall Network Architecture
    • Comparison between Centralized and Split Architecture Approaches
    • Physical Layouts of IMS-hardware
      - CSCF Cabinet- Front & Rear View
      - Applications Servers and Session Border Controllers
  • Functional Description of IMS Network Elements
    • Typical User Agents of the IMS
    • Server Types (generic)
    • Special Server Types (generic)
    • Operation of Registrars
    • Detailed Consideration of SBC and B2BUA
      - Example: VoD for a Mobile Client with limited Access Rates
      - Example: SBC for Traffic Inspection
    • Operation of Event Servers
    • Generic Servers vs. IMS-specific Servers
  • Protocols within the IMS
    • Control Plane
    • User Plane
    • Consideration of SIP
      - Scope of SIP
      - Session Setup Example through SIP
    • Consideration of SDP
      - The Offer/Answer Model
    • Consideration of the DIAMETER Protocol
      IMS-specific Amendments to DIAMETER Protocol
    • RTP / RTCP

backtotop.gifReviewing a typical IMS-Implementation

  • Architectural Overviev
    • Overall Network Design
    • Physical Topology Desig
    • Customer Premises with WIMAX Acces
    • Summary of the Main Components of Network ArchitectureDistribution of IMS-Core Network Entities