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HSUPA - Design Details & System Engineering

Course DescriptionThis training course appeals to all engineers and technicians who want to gain expert knowledge about the key functions of HSUPA like E-TFC selection (E-DCH Transport Format Combination) or scheduling grants.
The training course focuses on the necessary extensions of the UTRAN architecture in NodeB and the UE, in order to explain in detail the requirements for HSUPA. Further emphasis is on the protocol enhancements like MAC-es/MAC-e and the new physical channels.
Special focus is put on UE’s physical layer aspects, which allow a higher user data throughput in the uplink far beyond the conventional 64kbit/s. In that respect, the uplink scheduling mechanism located in the NodeB is of central importance for HSUPA granting maximum allowed power ratios to each E-DCH capable UE.

[2-day training course, Euro 1,815.- per participant]