pdf_gross.gif5G Update - 2021 & Beyond

Approx. 4.5 hours online video training, €199 (net) per participant


Detailed Table of Contents:

Technology (1h)

  • Definition: What is 5G (IMT-2020)?
    • For the first time: Evolution rather than Revolution
    • Beamforming centric
    • Deployment possible on mmWave Bands
    • First steps of 5G: step 1. NSA step 2. SA
    • With SA: Fully virtualized core network
  • Migration from 4G to 5G
    • Step 1: Non-Stand-Alone (NSA) with Option 3(x)
    • Step 2: Stand-Alone with Option 2
    • NSA <=> SA: Which Features are supported?
  • Key Technical Features of 5G
    • The Cloudified 5G Core Network (5GC)
    • mMIMO & Beamforming: Key Enablers of 5G
    • Flexible Subcarrier Spacing
      • DSS
  • The 5G Radio Access Network

Services and Evolution (0.75h)

  • List of 5G Service Enablers
    • Higher Throughput (what a surprise :-))
    • But watch out: 5G is not faster just because it is (4+1)G!
    • Focus on lower latency (target: < 1 ms e2e)
    • Beyond Cellular: 5G also contains FWA, Industry, IoT Car-2-X
    • Virtualization paves the way to entirely new service areas
  • Cartoon: 5G around the World
  • Network Slicing
  • Mobile Edge Computing
  • What about Voice in 5G?
  • What about IoT and mMTC?

What is the Position of 5G in June 2021? (0.5h)

  • Some Numbers
    • No. of Operators preparing for or already offering 5G Services
    • No. of announced / commercially available UEs
    • Types of 5G UEs currently available
  • Which Frequency Bands do these UEs support?
  • Situation in the US: Auction of Band n77
  • Some unpleasant Remarks & Concerns in the middle of 2021

Important Developments within the next Two Years (1.5h)

  • What to expect in the Years 2021 – 2023
  • 5G Stand Alone: Option 2 vs Option 4
  • The mysterious 5G Core Network
  • Kubernetes and 5GC Cloud Operation
  • Unpredictable yet: The impact of ORAN
  • Campus Networks and their Implementation Options
  • 5G over Satellite?

Technical Updates w/ R16 and R17 (Selection) (0.75h)

  • Technical Enhancements with 3GPP Release 16
    • NR-U
    • 256-QAM for FR2
    • NR-Mobility
    • New Configurations for CA and DC
    • NR-Positioning
    • UE Power Saving Techniques
    • 2-Step RACH Procedure
  • Technical Enhancements with 3GPP Release 17
    • New frequency ranges (NR beyond 52.6 GHz)
    • Sidelink enhancements
    • IAB enhancements
    • NR support over non-terrestrial networks
    • RedCap / NR-LIGHT

Please check out the demo video on YouTube.