5G NSA: RAN & New Radio in first commercial networks

Some of your questions that will be answered by this book:


  • How precisely does option 3x operate and how does it differ from other options?
  • How does cell search work with 5G? How is it different between stand-alone and non-stand-alone?
  • Which bands 4G / 5G are combined with MR-DC in different parts of the world?
  • To which degree can beamforming mitigate the additional attenuation from operation in the 3.X GHz bands or even in millimeter wave bands?
  • How do active antennas look like and operate for 5G operation?
  • Which number of antenna ports provides the optimum performance under which conditions?
  • What is vertical beamforming and when does it make sense to deploy it?
  • Under which conditions can Inter-Modulation-Distortion (IMD) jeopardize NSA-operation and which options exist to mitigate these RF-related problems?
  • When will the UE display the 5G icon to the user?
  • What are the implications of deploying different subcarrier spacings with NR?
  • Which additional problems arise from TDD-operation in cellular vs FDD-operation?
  • What is the meaning of the GSCN and the SS-block pattern?
  • How can NR deploy beam-centric operation already in idle mode?
  • Why is there no more DC-subcarrier?
  • What are self-contained TTI and dynamic TTI?
  • Which reference signals does NR use and how is this different from 4G?
  • Which performance gain to expect from mMIMO with more than 8 antenna ports on the network side?
  • How does uplink beamforming operate?
  • What are the NR- and MR-DC - specific contents of a UE-Radio-Access-Capability Message?
  • How is a 5G cell added to an existing RRC-connection?

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