GPRS / UMTS Rel.5 - Signaling & Protocol Analysis (The Core Network)

Some of your questions that will be answered by this book:


  • How can I evaluate GPRS trace files on the various new interfaces (Gb, Gn, Gp, Gi)?
  • How does the GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) work?
  • What is the differences between GTP and GTP’ ?
  • How are CDR’s processed in GPRS networks? Which CDR’s need to be considered?
  • What different means are there to provide IP-addresses to authorized GPRS subscribers?
  • Which statistical information can be retrieved by means of protocol testers to determine our network performance?
  • In case of errors: How can I identify DNS/RADIUS/… server problems from problems within our GPRS network?
  • How do WAP and SMS work with GPRS?

Who should acquire this book?

  • Everybody who needs to optimize GPRS networks.
  • Design Engineers of GPRS network equipment.
  • Every engineer who is involved in the testing and operation of GPRS core networks.
  • Field engineers who have to analyze GPRS recording files.
  • All engineers who need to interpret GPRS recording files in the lab.

Product Details:

  • Paperback
  • 590 Pages
  • over 250 Illustrations and Tables
  • ISBN 978-3-936273-18-2
  • Price Paperback: Euro 399.- (net)

  • Price eBook: Euro 299.- (net)

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