pdf_gross.gifLocation Based Services -
Technology & System Operation

backtotop.gifIntroduction to Location Based Services

  • What are Location Based Services?
    General Description of Location Based Services
  • Description of Potential Location Based Services
    Location Based Charging / Tracking Services / Public Safety Services / Emergency Services / Commercial Services / Location Based Information Services / …
  • The Business Perspective of Location Services
    Charging of Location Services ? Accuracy of the Location Determination / Accuracy requirement of the offered Service / Accuracy required by the US FCC mandate / What are the future developments on the LCS sector?
  • The different Positioning Mechanisms used for LCS
    Received Signal Strength / Timing Advance / Angle of Arrival / Time of Arrival / Observed Time Difference / Global Positioning System

backtotop.gifMobile Station Positioning for Location Based Services

  • Overview of Different LCS Releases (Rel.99, Rel.4 and Rel5)
    Generic LCS Logical Architecture / Network Architecture in GERAN and UTRAN
  • Network Elements and Interfaces
    SMLC / GMLC / LMU Type A / LMU Type B / …
  • Mobile Station Assisted vs. Mobile Station Based Positioning Technologies
    Differences / Pros & Cons / Overview of Specified Technologies in GERAN and UTRAN
  • Mobile Station Assisted Positioning Technologies
    Detailed description of Mobile Station Assisted E-OTD, OTDOA, U-TDOA, A-GPS / Flow Diagrams / Procedures / Pros & Cons / Which additional Resources are required in the Network?
  • Mobile Station Based Positioning Technologies
    Detailed Description of Mobile Station Based A-GPS and E-OTD / Flow Diagrams / Procedures / Pros & Cons / Which additional Resources are required in the Network?
  • Comparison
    Costs / Accuracy / Pros & Cons

backtotop.gifSignaling Protocols and Selected Procedures

  • Signaling Protocols and Interfaces
  • Selected Procedures / Mobile Originated Location Request
    Information Transfer Between a BSS Based SMLC and a Target Mobile Station / Information Transfer between a BSS based SMLC and a Type B LMU


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