pdf_gross.gifCar-2-X Communication from A-Z

Course Description

Overview of CAR 2 X Communication

  • Phases and Applications

  • CAR 2 CAR communications

    C2C, V2V

  • CAR 2 Infrastructure communications

    C2I, V2R

  • Safety / Traffic Efficiency / Infotainment and Others

  • System Architecture Overview

  • Reference Architecture

  • Architecture Components: AU / OBU / RSU and others

CAR 2 CAR Protocol Layers

  • Overview

  • mandatory and optional wireless technologies

    IEEE 802.11p*, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n and others (e.g. 3GPP mobile technologies)

  • VANET and / or WAVE protocol architecture

    Differences and Complements

  • Physical Access

  • MAC / LLC Layer

  • Physical Layer

  • Network Layer

  • Application Layer

Radio System Details

  • Application Categories and allocated channel types

  • dedicated and / or public channel usage

  • Frequency Band Allocations

  • critical safety and network control / WAVE control.

  • Critical safety applications

  • road safety and traffic efficiency

  • non-safety CAR-2-X and CAR-2-CAR applications

  • Transmit Power, Control and Data Rates

  • Communication Modes and Modulation

  • Overview of OFDM modulation scheme

  • Overview of Medium Access Control with CSMA/CA

  • Operational Aspects

  • Multi Channel Operation

  • Dual Receiver Concept

  • Addressing Scheme

  • Data Security and Privacy

Applications and Use Case Examples

  • Cooperative Awareness Applications

  • e.g. Forward Collision Warning, Wrong Way Drive Warning, Approaching Emergency Vehicle, Emergency Brake

  • Unicast Information Exchange

  • e.g. Pre-Crash Sensing, Instant Messaging

  • Decentralized Environmental Notification

  • e.g. Slow Vehicle, Traffic Jam Ahead, Post Crash Warnings

  • Roadside Unit Broadcasts

  • e.g. Hazardous Location Notification, Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory

  • Local RSU Interaction

  • e.g. Automatic Access Control, Free-flow Tolling, Drive-Through Payments

  • RSU Internet Connection

  • e.g. SOS Services, Map Download and Updates, Fleet Management, Route Guidance and Navigation.

Possible Future Enhancements and Complements

  • AdaptIVe

  • develop and test new functionalities for cars and trucks offering partially automated and highly automated driving

  • eCall and other 3GPP developments

  • GSM based, automated emergency calls

  • LTE based small cells / FEMTO


  • Others