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H.248 / BICC in the Circuit Swiched Core Network -
Trouble Shooting and Protocol Analysis

This training course addresses the needs of engineers and technicians who are involved in the operation, optimization and troubleshooting to get familiar with 3GPP Rel. 4 circuit switched networks and above.
The combination of theoretical protocol knowledge and practical hands-on exercises will provide a thorough understanding for everyone who needs to tune circuit switched 3GPP networks.
The training course starts with an overview of the Mobile Network Architecture Evolution from 3GPP Rel.99 to Rel.4 and beyond with the particular focus on the CS-CN, the new interfaces Nc, Nb and Mc and the reasons for the introduction of split control and user plane entities.
We will introduce the operation of Soft Switches and the operation of Gateway Control entities and Media Gateways in both ATM and IP transport environments with practical exercises for the students to fully understand the differences and commonalities for these use cases.

[3-day training course, Euro 2,420.- per participant]


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